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These pint-sized animated humorists can turn any situation into a joke or sketch. Join our beloved characters as they look on the lighter side of things, finding comedy in their everyday lives and brightening up yours! This collection of mini-videos is sure to make anyone smile!


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Seven little monsters – a vampire, a mummy, a werewolf, a witch and more – all in one classroom, matched with a nervous but idealistic young teacher who’s been hired by the kids’ […]


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Centuries ago, long before oil was discovered in the Gulf, the ocean’s greatest treasure were pearls. Far beneath the surface of sparkling waters, fame and fortune awaited whoever found the most perfect specimens of these rare living jewels. Those who did became heroes of legend. Some legends, however, are […]


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KiKo&MiMo is a fun planet in the centre of a starry universe where children go to play. The great thing about this planet, is that it kind of has a mind of its own. The planet interacts with the needs of the children to help them learn, laugh and […]


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Fahed, Shahem and Nashmi are three young superheroes whose paths have crossed as each was fighting evil in their own country. Although they initially do not get along, they come to accept each other and find themselves growing stronger and wiser as a team. Fighting alongside one another they […]


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Once Upon a Star is an adventure/Science Fiction series, which will take the audience through Al’s journey, transformation and struggle to win his fights against the villains and defend Mother Nature.

  Genera:  Adventure, Action.
   Age:  […]

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