A new dawn is upon us, a wave of heroes has arisen in the UAE to combat an emerging evil: this is the birth of Union Force! Representing the best humanity has to offer, Union Force is an exciting team of heroes, one from each Emirate… They […]



These pint sized animated humorists can turn any situation into a joke or sketch. Join our beloved characters as they look on the lighter side of things, finding comedy in their everyday lives and brightening up yours! This collection of mini-videos is sure to make anyone smile!




Seven Stones is the most popular game in town which brings together our team of young heroes. Each year a championship league starts and gains a cult following from the whole city. As champions emerge from the well-loved sport, the game dominates the whole region and our […]



Nashmi man’s powers were mysteriously given to him by three hooded men, inviting him to fullfil his destiny. On his journey, Nashmi gets overwhelmed with the struggles of being a superhero who is poor and unappreciated. Nashmi begins to lose control and almost surrenders to his “inner […]



Centuries ago, long before oil was discovered in the Gulf, the ocean’s greatest treasure were pearls. Far beneath the surface of sparkling waters, fame and fortune awaited whoever found the most perfect specimens of these rare living jewels. Those who did became heroes of legend. Some legends, […]



Once Upon a Star is an adventure/Science Fiction series, which will take the audience through Al’s journey, transformation and struggle to win his fights against the villains and defend Mother Nature.


  Genera:  Adventure, Action.

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