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 Nashmi Man 


Hani as known as “Nashmi Man” is an alien who landed on Earth, and got raised by a poor kind family “Abo Hani” & “Um Hani”, he is a Jordanian superhero, who is in love with “Noor”; a rich university student. Azzam is a rich arrogant wealthy guy who pursues Noor as well. The story starts when Nashmi Man “Hani” gets overwhelmed with all the problems that he is facing in his life, struggling from many things; his pain mainly is aggregated in being poor, mother with a shaky health condition, a mean uncle, a hopeless love and mostly all the provocative figures who look down to him, and treat him with disrespect and in an indecent matters, eventually he loses his mind and becomes wacked and destructive, a while after he regrets all his deeds by remembering how his parents raised him, he gains control again over his powers, and employ those powers to the help of people. Nashmi Man is Adventure/comedy series, all the comedy scenes come from Nashmi Man’s learning curve of trying to be a real superhero and live up to people’s expectations, as how he always tries to maintain his image as a public national superhero, but it doesn’t always work out for him that way.