The Studio is where all the videos, comics, games, music, applications, etc are produced. The studio is the factory that diverts concepts and ideas into reality.  

Our spacious, fully equipped studio is lead by a team of professionals that have excellent expertise in the realm of 2D & 3D production. 

Realizing the importance of maintaining high quality standards, Curl Stone's technical team manages and supports the production team throughout the production process, in order to ensure delivering the finest caliber of products. 

Our specialties

3D Animation

Take advantage of a seamless, secure and efficient 3D production pipeline. 

2D Animation

 Require stunning and fluid animation? Then the traditional 2D pipeline in Toonz is your pit stop. 

2D Cel Animation

Move your characters in style! 

Pre Production

Get Started! Translate your concepts from a piece of story to an eyeball-grabbing, visually engaging and captivating entertainment content.

Story Boarding Animatec

How about a birds-eye-view of how your story would progress? Satisfy your creative urge to see a visual representation of what is in store. 


Post Production

Your one-stop-destination for all post production needs. 

Studio tour