Established in 2009, Curl Stone Entertainment is an innovative and modern studio with extensive know-how, talents, and creative spirit that transcends the global market in regards to ingenuity by producing authentic superheroes from the Middle East and circulated worldwide. 

Curl Stone’s animation production is narrated coherently and specifically through multiplatform storytelling by way of integrated digital platforms or digital media platforms.

Curl Stone invests heavily on the creative process with its unique brand of animation that entertains children of all ages and young adults. On top of, cutting-edge digital technology and artistry that engages the audience along with the captivating scenarios of Curl Stone superheroes.

Get to know our leaders

Chief Executive Officer

The Co-founder of Curl Stone Entertainment; Mr. Fadi Bargouti, has graduated from the Applied Science University in Amman – Jordan, where he pursued his B.S degree of...

Chief Operating Officer

The Co-founder of Curl Stone Entertainment; Majdi Abo Mathkoor, commenced his career of 3D animation in 2005; where he worked as a senior visual effects artist at Rubicon...

Board Member

Namek is the founder and Managing Director of Silicon Badia Global Partners LLC; a US-based accelerator program and technology transfer fund focused on bridging the US and...

Board Member

Fadi Ghandour ; the founder & CEO of Aramex International, has lead one of the leading logistics & transportation companies in the Middle East and South Asia for...

Board Member

Sa’ad Al Mouasher serves as Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Head of Group Strategy & Corporate Communications at the Jordan National Bank Plc. Also, he served as an...

What we do

The Lab

This department is simply where imagination is brought to reality. The CS lab team is made up of an inventive, highly dedicated team that collaborates together to come up with genuine path-breaking ideas, that are meant to capture the hearts of its contemporary audience through a variety.... 

The Studio

The Studio is where all the videos, comics, games, music, applications, etc are produced. The studio is the factory that diverts concepts and ideas into reality.  
Our spacious, fully equipped studio is lead by a team of professionals that have excellent expertise in the realm of 2D & 3D production.


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